Hi everyone I’m Cody and I’m your official meeter and greeter when you come to see us in our offices by Hessle Foreshore.

I only work part time as I also look after my older and very grumpy brother at home who has doggy dementia and is almost blind and quite deaf.

My role is to meet you at the office door and wag my tail a lot which happens naturally as I am very friendly and very nosy. If I sniff your bag it’s only because I am hopeful you will have something edible in there that you might give me. My mum and dad say I’m greedy but I like to think of it as being food adventurous!

I may sometimes stay with you in your meeting if you would like me to, but don’t worry I’ll just go to sleep as I find the ins and outs of accounts very boring indeed.

Looking forward to meeting you when you next come in.